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Sporta preces

Ab wheel AVENTO 42HA

Strengthen the arms, abdominals and shoulders by training with the Avento fitness wheel. Training wi..


Ab wheel SVELTUS 2607 2pcs

This double AB wheel can be used with one or two hands and allows to train left or right separately...


Ab wheel SVELTUS 2609

Design and compact, this accessory is ideal to strengthen and tone abs, shoulders, arms and back. Th..


Ab wheel TOORX AHF157 2pcs

When you do exercises with this trainer, the muscles work even harder due to the constantly moving a..


Ab wheel TOORX AHF048

Abdominal press wheel. To train and strengthen arms, shoulders, abdominal press, back muscles...


Abdominal exerciser EVERFIT AB-CRUNCH MASTER

SPACE-SAVING. Sturdy and easy to use device, ideal to train upper, lower and lateral abdominals. The..


Adjustable desk KETTLER LOGO UNO X for children, white/white/lime

Height adjustment with the aid of a gas lift with six levels Continuously adjustable tilting desktop..


Adjustable dumbbell Body Sculpture 4,5-22,5 kg

You can set the weight of the dumbbells on one of five levels: 4.5 kg; 9 kg; 13.5 kg; 18 kg ir 22.5 ..


Aerobic step platform SVELTUS 0236

Top quality step specially designed for group lessons. Thanks to its generous size, Sveltus step has..


Agility ladder for training FLAT reg. 8m

Agility ladder Length: 8 m - Width: 49,5cm – 20 adjustable rungs - Colours: yellow, royal blue, oran..


Agility Ladder TREMBLAY 2x42cm 4m Adjustable

Ideal for improving coordination, explosive strength and quickness. PVC. Fitted with clips for conne..


Agility Ladder TREMBLAY Flat 3,2m Double, adjustable high

Ideal for improving coordination, explosive strength and repetition of actions. Ladder can be conver..


Agility Ladder TREMBLAY Flat 4m Adjustable red

Ideal for improving coordination, explosive strength and quickness. PVC. Fitted with clips for conne..


Air hockey table GARLANDO GHIBLI

An air hockey for the whole family, created to be used on a table. Boasts a great attention in the c..


Air hockey table GARLANDO ZODIAC

The rounded profile of this air hockey, with no sharp edges, is emphasized by the convex legs giving..


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